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Darren Adams of Federal Way shows off what likely will be the priciest comic book of all time.

Darren Adams of Federal Way shows off what likely will be the priciest comic book of all time.

For those of you keeping track of what is surely one of the most important stories of the summer, Darren Adams’ copy of Action Comics No. 1 has surpassed the $2 million mark on eBay. The Federal Way comic-book-and-sports-card dealer appears well on his way to setting a world record with the priciest comic book of all time.

I wrote about this one three weeks ago — the world’s most perfect copy of the world’s most desirable comic book. Action Comics No. 1  features the first appearance of Superman in 1938. Creamy white pages. Not a wrinkle, tear or dimple. Rust-free staples. The holy grail of comic books, and the sort of thing that might remind responsible citizens how much they once loved comic books, and wonder why they let silly business like adulthood get in the way.

Bidding started at 99 cents on Aug. 14. Within three minutes it reached $1 million. At 4 p.m. Thursday the price had reached $2,050,100, just shy of the record set in 2011, for another copy of Action Comics No. 1, formerly owned by the actor Nicolas Cage. That one went for $2.16 million. Arguably this one is in just the teensiest better shape.

Final gavel falls at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The opinion here? Oh, in the professional judgment of this former 12-year-old comic-book fiend, Action Comics No. 1 is by far the coolest comic book of all time. Watching the bidding in the final minute is gonna be the most fun ever. And seeing as how this guy could never bid that high — whatever it sells for, it won’t be nearly enough.


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