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It is bad enough that Canada wants to steal the Whopper from us with the Burger King chain buyout of the Tim Hortons doughnut brand and the King’s desire to move its corporate to the far north. Now Canadians are trying to claim, uhm, mint the Man of Steel. Actually, it is the second time. The Canadian Mint issued 7 collectible and legal tender coins honoring the Kryptonian for his 75th birthday in 2013. After making a mint, they are back for a second go round, with a 4 issue 2014 set that is even more colorful. Considering the $3.6 million price for a recently auctioned Action Comic #1 in “mint” condition, these coins are a bargain at a price between $69.95-$750 (Canadian).

Most of these are already sold out. For more info, go to the Canadian Mint site at;jsessionid=D85BAA430E1E08E564EAD68D8ABFA788.node1-2.

Coin copy courtesy of the Canadian Mint site.

2014 $10 FINE SILVER COIN — ICONIC SUPERMAN(TM) DC COMICS BOOK COVERS: Action Comics #1 (1938) This coin recreates the DC Comics cover of Action Comics #1, which is arguably the most famous comic book of all time. In the scene, Superman foils the attempted abduction of Lois Lane by stopping the gangsters’ green car, hoisting it high above his head and smashing the front of it against a rock. Brilliant color highlights Superman’s iconic costume, as well as the now-damaged getaway car. With a world-wide mintage of only 10,000, this coin can be purchased for $69.95 CDN.

2014 $100 14KT GOLD COIN – ICONIC SUPERMAN(TM) DC COMICS BOOK COVERS: The Adventures of Superman #596 (2001) The reverse image taken from the DC Comics cover of The Adventures of Superman#596 features perhaps one of the most iconic and enduring images associated with Superman: that of the famous S-Shield. A partially obstructed view of Clark Kent allows the focus to remain on his chest as he pulls back his shirt to reveal the emblematic S-Shield. Color is used to add depth to the image. Limited to a world-wide mintage of 2,000 examples, this coin retails for $750.95 CDN.

2014 $15 FINE SILVER COIN — ICONIC SUPERMAN(TM) DC COMICS BOOK COVERS: Action Comics #419 (1972) The reverse image of this coin features an illustrated Superman in the classic iteration of his costume with the famous red and yellow S-Shield. With fists clenched and a determined grin, the DC Comics Super Hero takes to the skies high above the bustling city below, while his cape flutters behind him. By gently overlapping the inner rim of the image’s field, Superman appears to emerge from the coin itself. Limited to a world-wide mintage of 10,000, this coin retails for $89.95 CDN.

2014 $20 FINE SILVER COIN — ICONIC SUPERMAN(TM) DC COMICS BOOK COVERS: Superman Annual #1 (2012) Taken from DC Comics’ Superman Annual #1, this coin’s reverse image depicts Superman in the New 52 style as though he is stepping out of the image’s field. As flashes of light crackle around him, his fixed, heated glare conveys strength and power. His familiar red cape crisply extends behind him as he moves away from the glinting Fortress of Solitude seen along the left edge. A series of concentric circles frame the image, further contributing to the design’s dynamic movement by creating an optical effect of motion. This coin is offered at $109.75 CDN and has a world-wide mintage of 10,000.

The 2013 Collection of Superman coins from the Canadian Mint:

Coins shows different image when viewed at an angle
Solid gold coin

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