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If there was a common complaint about what’s now the first film of the new DC Comics Cinematic Universe, Man of Steel, it was this – Superman was presumably involved in a lot of death as he haphazardly punched and threw other super powered Kryptonians through buildings, sending many of them crashing down onto crowds of people in what is colloquially described as “disaster porn” in the film industry. While there weren’t on-screen deaths, director Zack Snyder said in a video fan chat on Yahoo last Spring that “probably 5,000 people or so – something like that” died in the battle in Metropolis. “You have to imagine there are people in those buildings,” he admitted. So what can Snyder do about all that collateral damage? Well, acknowledge it, apparently – right there in the next movie.

Action Comics #3

Set pictures from twitter show anti-Superman protestors lining the streets in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Signs like “Earth Belongs to Humans” and “Thanks for the ‘Help’” with flames below it, as well as an actual burning effigy of Superman show that this is not being ignored. As the fan-run DCUMoviePage twitter feed points out, it’s also very similar to the first arc of Action Comics in the New 52, when protests broke out after discovering Superman was an alien.

Now, this could just be one short sequence in the film, but it’s interesting to see a major problem fans had with the first being addressed on-screen in the second. Could it also provide us with at least a possibility of why Batman might be “V” Superman in this, sent to take him down in a reversal of roles from the Dark Knight Returns story?

Check out the images thanks to Twitter users Tim Reinman and Tim Malin below:





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