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(Photo : Warner Brothers/Man Of Steel’s Official Facebook Page) If you can’t wait to watch “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” then make sure you check out our list of the six things fans are hoping to see in the upcoming film!

DC Comics fans, if you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the upcoming flick “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” than whet your appetite for all things Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman by checking out our list of the six things we hope to see in Snyder’s new movie!

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The Dark Knight And The Man Of Steel Brawling

One of the most jaw-dropping sequences in Frank Miller’s comic book “The Dark Knight Returns” is when Batman has an epic fight scene with Superman. Since it is rumored that Zack Snyder is taking a few cues from Miller, we really hope that we get a chance to see Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent duke it out on film!

Wonder Woman Kicking Butt, As Usual

Personally, we can’t wait to see Princess Diana kicking some major butt during the fight scenes and putting all the other male superheroes to shame. With any luck, Warner Brothers won’t include a love interest for her either, because we would much rather see her as an awesome warrior who the other male superheroes respect and even fear just a tiny bit.

The Flash

It has been announced that Ezra Miller will be playing “The Flash” in an upcoming 2018 solo movie, but it is rumored that the actor will have a cameo in “Batman V Superman” as well.

Since no one knows yet if Miller is playing Barry Allen or Wally West, it will be interesting to see which “Flash” Warner Brothers decides to include in the DC Cinematic Universe, especially given the popularity of Grant Gustin’s Flash. Either way, we’re excited to see the lanky speedster make his big screen debut!

An Aquaman To Be Afraid Of

In the past, the superhero Aquaman was often the butt of every fan’s jokes. However, thanks to Warner Brothers casting the formidable actor Jason Mamoa, it appears as if the aquatic hero will go from laughing stock to a character that you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Batman And Robin

Given the rumors that Ben Affleck’s Batman is more grizzled and hardened by years of crime fighting, it only makes sense that he has had a Robin or two as a sidekick.

If the rumors are true and actress Jena Malone is playing Carrie Kelley, aka the female Robin, it’ll be nice to have another female superhero in the movie to balance out all of the testosterone.

Plus, maybe we’ll even get a few tidbits surrounding Nightwing, Red Robin, and Jason Todd as well!

The Anti-Superman Protestors

It’s been hinted that the destructive fight between Superman and General Zod that took place in Metropolis in “Man of Steel” will not go without consequences.

Screen Rant posted a few set photos a month or so ago that showed “anti-Superman” protestors on the “Dawn of Justice” set and it will be really interesting for the audience to see Clark struggle with the consequences of his actions in the upcoming film.

Perhaps the protests will help Superman learn to be more careful during the fights and will add an element of humanity to his character as well.

DC Comics fans, what are you hoping to see in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?” Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!


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