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Superman Unchained launched 17 months ago, in June 2013, and though its release schedule has been uneven, acclaimed writer Scott Snyder and superstar artist Jim Lee are set to conclude the story with tomorrow’s issue #9. “For me, Superman Unchained is kind of the Superman story I wanted to do if I only ever got one chance to write Superman story in my whole life,” Snyder explains on the nature of the tale. “So it’s kind of everything I love about the character.” Right from the get-go, Snyder crafted the story to explore the Man of Steel in a modern context, rejecting any notion of him being a boring Boy Scout. “The story challenges people to look at what Superman does in the modern world and it challenges Superman to look at himself in the mirror and decide whether or not what he’s been doing is enough. And ultimately it’s really a celebration of Superman where I think — not to get too much away — it’s ultimately a big affirmation in celebration of the kinds of choices Superman makes. Hopefully it shows why he’s one of the most inspiring heroes out there, because he’s not like this other sort of secret Superman that’s been working for the government.” There’s plenty more discussion with HitFix to read here, but for now, check out a massive preview of Superman Unchained #9 below. Are you excited to read the series finale?

Scott Snyder (writer) Jim Lee (art/cover)
Bryan Hitch, 
David Finch (variants)
ON SALE: 05/11/2014 PRICE: $4.99

This is it – the extraordinary, extra-sized finale of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s Superman saga, surrounded by an epic wraparound cover! It’s a battle in the sun as Superman and Wraith accept their destinies…and Lex Luthor pulls the trigger on his ultimate weapon!



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