The Death of Superman, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Top 5 Potential DC Movies!


So with Marvel doing movies like Civil War and Ragnarok, Warner Bros. needs to take a look at some of the greatest DC Comics to make into movies.

Excluding Batman Beyond because it is known more as a cartoon.

#5 – Sinestro Corps War

Green Lantern isn’t getting another movie until 2020 and by then he will already be introduced in the Justice League movies and we need Sinestro to be the villain in this movie. So let’s see him assembling the Sinestro Corps and going to war with the Green Lanterns which means this could set up for a Blackest Night movie. This movie would also fulfill something the previous Green Lantern movie did not which is introduce more than just the Green Lanterns, part of Green Lantern’s appeal is all the different corps so this would defeat this problem.

#4 – The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller took Batman in a new way with a very crime driven comic that could work really well on the big screen. So this is already happening as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it is still one of the best graphic novels in history written by the great Frank Miller. This comic was what proved Batman could defeat Superman and a live action Batman vs. Superman fight would be one of the greatest fights in movie history. I hope that Frank Miller oversees this movie in some way so that it will keep the same dark and gritty tone of the original. If you need more proof and do not want to read the comic there was a two part animated movie made based off of the graphic novel.

#3 – The Death of Superman

The Death of Superman would be a fantastic way to end the Man of Steel movies with a huge Doomsday fight. This probably wouldn’t happen for a long time but would be an amazing send off for the character, this is debatably one of the best Superman comics of all time and possibly one of the greatest DC comics of all time. I do not expect this anytime soon as it would probably be done in Man of Steel 3 or Man of Steel 4 but that might be a good thing so we can still have 2 or 3 Justice League movies by then.

#2 – Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Flash hinted at the possibility of a crisis movie and it would be amazing if it came true because of the massive scale of the movie we could have not only the TV Shows meet the movies but we could even have old actors like Christian Bale return as Batman or Brandon Routh as Superman, I definitely want to see Stephen Amell appear as Green Arrow but I really want to see my two favorite Supermans, Tom Welling and Henry Cavil meet together in one movie. Supergirl doesn’t need introducing because of the possible upcoming Supergirl show.

#1 – Blackest Night

Blackest Night is my favorite comic of all time and featured all the Lantern Corps which I loved, it also had many Superheroes return from the grave so this is definitely a comic for the later cinematic universe but would work really well. I definitely want Geoff Johns to write and or direct this movie as he is in my opinion the god of Green Lantern. This would work extremely well and if you do not agree then go and read the comic you will not regret it one but.


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