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Superman Unchained Deluxe Edition

With the Christmas season upon us, we have a very special holiday gift guide for readers. For 2014’s season’s greetings, DC Comics has a special treat for everyone’s stockings with the New 52‘s Batman/Superman, Superman Unchained, Batman ’66, Batman: Year Zero, and Batman and Robin series. 

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At MStars News, we’ve been interested in the going-ons with the Batman family. We couldn’t wait to hear the latest news about the Caped Crusader, especially during the recent New York Comic Con. Batgirl took the industry by storm with her new creative team, artist Babs Tarr, writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. Not only was Barbara Gordon getting a bold new look, she was leaving Gotham and making a new name for herself. 

Fletcher explained the changes to MStars, “The origins from just trying to be honest about what a 20-year-old girl would be like today. We moved Barbara out to a place where she’s surrounded by people of a similar age and lifestyle.”

Currently, issues 35, 36, and 37 (get it December 10) of Batgirl are already out in stores. Not only do we have Batgirl, we also have Batman ’66 Vol. 2, based on the Adam West and Burt Ward TV show. This second volume has the unaired episode which would have introduced Two-Face to the swinging ’60s. 

With the Fox prequel, Gotham, taking a look at Bruce Wayne’s childhood days, Zero Year also took a look at the Dark Knight’s early beginnings. Batman takes on the Riddler for the first time in Batman Vol. 5: Zero Year – Dark City

Wherever there’s Batman, there’s also the Boy Wonder. Batman and Robin: Vol. 4: Requiem for Damian takes an intimate look at the Gotham vigilante as he loses not only his partner, but also his own son. 

Before the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel duke it out on the big screen, Batman/Superman Vol. 2 Game Over features the two heroes working together to take down the Toymaster. Get ready to meet more heroes from the DC Universe when Power Girl and Huntress show up. 

If you want more of the Man of Steel, readers should look no further than Superman:Unchained Deluxe Edition. The amazing hardcover edition is just wonderful to look at, especially since its drawn by superstar artist Jim Lee. The entire nine-issue miniseries is collected together so that you can read from beginning to end how Superman took on his deadliest and newest opponent, Wraith. 

The holiday season is still a  lot of fun because of MAD Magazine. Don’t forget readers get a free gift of Alfred as Uncle Sam when they order a three-year subscription. With the upcoming The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014, Mad Magazine issue  #531 officially hits newsstands on December 16 and will be available via iPad on December 5th. 

There’s a perfect gift here for readers with this DC Comics 2014 holiday gift guide. Readers, what are you most interested in? 

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