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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s arrival cannot be stopped now.

Since Ben Affleck’s photos as the Dark Knight of Gotham leaked on the web, and ever since the Comic-Con where they revealed the characters for Batman v Superman, DC has created a wave of talks about the movie and the characters involved. For sure, companion comic books and storylines will be released. That’s how Marvel did it, in the case of the upcoming Avengers movie and the Star Wars movie set to arrive next year’s holiday.

The feud—or non-feud—between Batman and Superman has been a recurring event in DC Comics. Frank Miller’s imagination of Batman going against Superman—The Dark Knight Returns—was the first DC story, according to Wikipedia, that featured Batman going against Superman. We discuss the many angles about why Batman would even go against the Man of Steel, as well as the new Superman prequel which doesn’t seem to be able to get going, as of late.

Batman vs. Superman

Superman and Batman has been friends, but why are they enemies?

From time to time, Batman thinks Superman needs supervision, in my opinion. With all that power that Superman wields, Batman seemingly exists to provide order. In the unlikely—but entirely possible—event that Superman goes rogue (at least, a Batman Beyond episode provided that theory), Batman always had a Kryptonite in his belt handy.

As for Superman, it might be that he thinks Bruce Wayne may be too much of a tortured soul to keep himself in check. With enemies like the Joker, it’s hard to keep yourself along the parameters you’ve set—especially if that enemy kills people you love and then gloats about it. However, as the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us has illustrated, it’s Superman who’s still prone to becoming deranged.

A Prequel No One Seems to Care About

In this article from Fashion n Style, Superman seems to have gone out of style.

However, as revealed more in the article, a series with the title Krypton explores the events before Superman came into existence. It stars Kal-El’s grandfather, the father of Jor-El, as he sets about straightening things in a Krypton in disarray. However wonderful the plot may be, it seems that it—along with the show Gotham—failed to get some love it felt it deserved from audiences.

One commenter on the Fashion n Style article didn’t care about Grandpa El to pay enough attention to the show. Another took the opportunity to voice out his opinion about Commissioner Gordon’s Gotham, saying that Krypton “will be as bad as Gotham”.

A Difference between Movies and TV Shows

While the Superman and Batman movies on the big screen seem to have enjoyed the complete opposite of their TV counterparts, surely there are some fans of these shows still pining and ready to defend the stories and characters in it. That, however, might not be on the minds of Superman and Batman purists, some of which might already be offended by these shows enough to lambast them.


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