Comic Books We Can’t Wait to See in 2015


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Did you see this? Did you?

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Last week we discussed our Favorite Christmas Stories! Here’s what you all had to say:

John Edwards: “Ultimate warrior vs Santa Claus”

mcdropkick: “There is a short Spider-Man story from Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1, there is snow in the story and always makes me think of Christmas. It’s called Leah, and without spoiling it, it is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read.”

Michael L: “One Christmas story that sticks out in my mind took place during the Funeral for a Friend storyline in the Superman comics in 1991. After Superman’s death, the DC superheroes get together for a day to read his mail and to try to fulfill some of the more reasonable requests. In doing so, several of the heroes end up rebuilding a house destroyed by Doomsday’s rampage and reuniting the family that lives in the house. The story also includes a mini-storyline featuring the son in that family who made a pilgrimage to Metropolis, only to meet up with Jimmy Olson and Bibbo, who helped assuage his guilt over Superman’s death.”

Marty Confetti: “It’s been a long time, but I can’t think of any holiday specials I read. Christmas stories don’t really appeal to me, but I did like the Batman Animated Series holiday episode so I pick that one. Is that cheating? :D”

P Lafs: “Uncanny X-Men 340 I believe with Joseph giving Rogue a christmas kiss, with the assistance of some sort of power-dampening technology, with classic Joe Madureira art”

Dorath: “Santa delivering a lump of coal to Darkseid is always #1.”

poffo316: “Three words: “I’m Batman, punks!””

Joe Hughes: “Best Christmas Comic is Starman #27, Christmas Knight.”

Al Lobama: “Superman: Peace on Earth seems like the biggest ommission to this list. Superman For All Seasons is also quite good, but not as good as POE.

Glad to see MTU #1 made the list. I just happened to reread that issue recently, and it still holds up in my opinion. It’s also the story that set the stage for the all too brief era of Sandman as a reformed hero. The Batman Adventures Holiday Special is another classic. I was always sorry that we never got the Mr. Freeze story included in the Holiday Knights Episode of B:TAS.

Another favorite superhero Christmas story of mine is “Christmas Rush” from Flash Vol. II # 87, which gave us all of the Flashes together for the holidays (even the one we never suspected). The final issue was Justice League Task Force (I forget the issue number) was also good in a tragic kind of way, as Triumph gets the “It’s a Wonderful Life” treatment and finds out that the world would be just fine with or without him. Batman and the Outsiders also had a running tradition of Christmas issues throughout Mike Barr’s run of the title, and I remember looking forward to those every year back in the day.”

Cactus: “DCU Infinite Holiday Special (from 2006) was pretty cool. I especially liked the Batwoman mini-story and the last story about Super Santa and Bat Santa”

As always, thanks for the comments!

This week we’re discussing…

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Comic Books We Can’t Wait to See in 2015!

It’s Christmas Eve so I wanted to take it easy today. Most of you will be doing some last minute shopping and spending time with friends and family so how about we sit back, put on our thinking-caps, and talk about what we can’t wait to see in 2015!

Let’s start with Marvel’s epic crossover. Things are going to go haywire for a while in Secret Wars, a new mini-series crossover event that has everyone talking. Will it live up to the hype? Will it “change things FORVER”?

Not to be let out, DC’s Convergence will be gearing up next year as well. Both old and new come together in a massive storyline that is said to have big time ramifications for both fans of the New 52 and the pre-52 DC Universe.

Where will Rober Kirkman’s The Walking Dead series head? You can always expect twists and surprises from this book and things are setting up to take another major shift.

Speaking of major shift, Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity has really gotten my attention. This reality-spanning book has been a wild ride and I don’t want it to stop.

For me, I can’t wait to read Batman Earth One Vol. 2. Batman inspires some amazing stories and I’ve really liked this version of him. I predict Batman titles as a whole will have another stellar year in sales and in story quality.

For those of us with a peculiar taste, we can grab Sex Criminals from image, a number of projects from Deadpool and also, Howard the Duck #1 comes out in March.

Mark Millar fans will rejoice with his upcoming Chrononauts series. Early word is it will be more Doctor Who in style.

Of course, Star Wars is grabbing all the headlines and that won’t change in 2015. Marvel will be sure to take full advantage of being able to publish Star Wars books again and the creative teams they’ve gotten so far look to be exciting.

What’s going to happen to Spider-Man? Will the Fantastic Four return? What about Wolverine? Will he be coming back?

I expect Image and Valiant to produce a number of worthwhile material. The Independent market is always fun because…well, it’s the independent market. You are guaranteed to find gems all year long because you don’t get spoiled by teasers, marketing campaigns and the like.

Like I said, today is a lazy sort of day and a lazy sort of column. Have fun with your friends and family and be safe.

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That’s all the time I have. Remember, 411mania Comics Review is TOMORROW! See you next week!


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