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Throughout the years two of the most iconic heroes in comics, Batman and Superman have formed a bond like no other. They have appeared in thousands of issues together and numerous team-up series. With the series Batman/Superman it took their relationship back to the beginning and to new places in the hands of creators Jae Lee and Greg Pak. Now with the latest collection Batman/Superman Volume 2: Game Over they are back and this time brought along superstar artist Brett Booth to bring his own brand of excitement to the series.


In this collection the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel uncover the Toymaster’s plot to create a secret, potentially deadly element in his new video game that brings to life characters created by players and these new beings have only one goal: To kill Batman. The first half of this collection showcases Booth’s amazing art like only he can deliver. He has chosen to literally flip the pages and up the excitement for a unique reading experience that works perfectly with this insane story. He is easily one of the best artists in the biz and always brings some clean brilliance to his work and here is some of his best to date. Once we step away from Booth’s story things shift back to Jae Lee with some help from a few others including Kenneth Rocafort, Norm Rapmund, and Philip Tan to take the story into a whole new direction. There is a certain darkness to this story that comes across in the artwork giving it an almost Burton-esque vibe without making it feel like something unbelievable. There are some interesting twists and turns in the direction of the story that helps it to stay fresh and compelling without every feeling like yet another rehash of these icons history together. To keep things even more interesting they bring along a few others for the ride including Cyborg, Huntress, Power Girl and more to take the action to another level while developing an interesting story around the whole thing.

This series is unique it tone and direction making it one of the better of the two heroes and one that fans will no doubt love. This collection features not only issues 5-9 of the series, but also Batman/Superman Annual # 1, World’s Finest 20-21, variant cover gallery and a peek inside the sketchbooks of Kenneth Rocafot and Brett Booth.

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