Batman Beats Superman in Footage of Cancelled Justice League Game


Batman Beats Superman in Footage of Cancelled Justice League Game

Long before the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, there was supposed to be another fighting game that featured the members of DC Comics’ premier superhero team kicking each other’s butts. It got cancelled and footage was never seen. Until now.

Images of the brawler—which would’ve been a last-gen title linked to a scuttled Justice League movie—leaked years ago but video documentation of the cancelled game proved elusive. But about 90 seconds of the Double Helix-developed hero-vs-hero title surfaced last night on the PtoPOnline YouTube channel. Double Helix went on to revive the Killer Instinct series for Microsoft as an Xbox One launch title, before getting acquired to bolster Amazon’s new efforts at in-house game-making. Any future DC Comics-related games will almost be created by Rocksteady, Netherrealm or one of Warner Brothers’ other wholly-owned studios.

The single round of combat isn’t much go on insofar as trying to get a sense of what the game would’ve played like. But, the never-completed game is an interesting footnote to consider, since its development was sandwiched in between the releases of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe and Injustice. The footage looks simultaneously similar and divergent, like an alternate reality version of those two other games.


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