DC Comics reveals Superman’s new power


Today DC Comics released an infographic revealing the name of Superman’s new power: Super Flare.


Yesterday we saw what the power looks like in action when DC revealed a piece of art from this week’s Superman #38 by writer Geoff Johns and artist John Romita, Jr, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get the full context of how Superman gets this power and what it does.

Superman gets his powers from Earth’s yellow sun, making him a giant solar battery, so perhaps when he uses Super Flare he expels that stored up energy in the form of a giant blast. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

The infographic catalogues all of Superman’s powers and when he first used them in the comics, from super-speed all the way up to heat vision and now the new Super Flare. Superman has had a wide array of weird new powers over the years, but the infographic features just the iconic ones that have stuck.

In addition to the new power, a new costume for the Man of Steel has also been teased for tomorrow’s issue of Superman. These two changes are coming about in the finale of the Men of Tomorrow arc, which sees Superman battling a super-human named Ulysses.


Check back on IGN tomorrow for all the details on Superman’s new power.

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From: http://za.ign.com/comics/88317/feature/dc-comics-reveals-supermans-new-power

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