Wonder Woman and Superman get new costumes in the comics


This year, both major comic houses summer events are going to reboot their continuities. Marvel is going all in and throwing out their “616” universe and years of continuity in an event called Secret Wars and DC is doing a minor reboot in an event called Convergence.

Where as Secret Wars is ending a large swath of Marvel continuity, DC’s mini reboot is notable for ending the so called “New 52,” their experiment in a complete reboot of their line undertaken in 2011. Not all of the new comics soared, some flat out face-planted, but some of the New 52 eventually found its footing and prospered for a few years (for my – and a lot of readers’ money – it’s Scott Snyder’s work with Batman). Convergence will hit this April and by the time June rolls around, the New 52 era at DC will be over.

Now it’s time for something new once again! This week we got our first look at some art of the post Convergence event DC Universe and it includes costume redesigns for some flagship characters: Superman and Wonder Woman.

Superman’s new look on the cover of Action Comics #41 is a more reserved Superman who dresses in the fabrics of his adopted planet. Which is a nice way of saying he looks like the laziest cosplayer from Kansas.


Wonder Woman also got a costume re-design that took her out of a skirt and bodice and put her into a body-suit and armor. Her gauntlets have what look like retractable blades now, and her loin-flap a simple triangle.


The age of the internet allows us to quickly compare both Superman and Wonder Woman suits throughout the ages and it reveals these changes to be fairly radical for both.

Superman, of course, is recognizably in a full blue bodysuit with a cape. Even when the cape isn’t factored into the design, a bodysuit usually is. Also the underwear on the outside seems to be a popular look.


The new cape-less version has the 40s-era “S” logo, but this is a jeans-and-boots wearing Superman, which makes him an outlier.

Wonder Woman’s bodysuit-looking costume is also a radical direction for her. Usually she has some tiny shorts, occasionally some tights and a few times a full on mini-skirt.


I’m a fan of the high boots too, I think they are battle ready, not sexy. Which seems to be the thrust of the design. It does seem odd that in a world where popular female superhero designs are going in the “normal clothing” direction of Batgirl and Spider-Gwen that this one would try to keep something skin-tight but make it look like it’s for fighting.

Then again, most all Wonder Woman costume designs seem odd to me for one reason or another.

Perhaps both of these characters look the way they do to put them in stark contrast to the post-Covergence Batman who – from the covers of Batman/Superman and Batgirl looks to be some sort of Samurai Iron Man:

geek__0001_bats1 geek__0000_bats2

I can see how a Superman in blue jeans and boots can oppose a techno-Batman and make for some fun visuals. And maybe Wonder Woman’s bodysuit is like a wetsuit so she’ll be warmer when she’s in cold or wet places?

From: http://www.geek.com/news/wonder-woman-and-superman-get-new-costumes-in-the-comics-1617875/

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