DC Comics Debuts New Looks for Superman and Wonder Woman


Post-Convergence, Batman isn’t the only one who’s going to be have a different look. This June, Superman and Wonder Woman will also get new costumes for DC Comics Post-52 world.

A series of covers were revealed today, giving fans a look at what the Man of Steel and Princess Diana will look like after the Convergence event.

David Finch’s new design for Wonder Woman was released via HitFix. Wonder Woman’s various incarnations and costumes have all drawn a great deal of attention from fans. Most recently, director Zack Snyder’s vision for the amazon drew both cries of approval and criticism.


HitFix also shared a shot of the newly re-designed Superman facing down armored Batman, courtesy of Ardian Syaf’s Batman/Superman cover. The new Superman outfit is a throwback to his duds in the 2012 Grant Morrison/Rags Morales run of the title.


Over at Nerdist, Aaron Kuder’s cover for Action Comics #41 gives a full look at the Man of Steel’s new costume. His fists are bandaged and bloodied, hinting at a possible extension of his current powerlessness and vulnerability.


Superman and Wonder Woman also get to share a cover in their updated threads, shared with fans on Uproxx. Paul Siqueira’s cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #18 shows the pair standing side by side, eyes locked with one another. Both look ready for battle, muscles tensed and jaws set.


Wonder Woman and Superman’s new looks will officially debut in June with their respective post-Convergence titles.

From: http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/03/dc-comics-debuts-new-looks-for-superman-and-wonder.html

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