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DC Comics’ Convergence #2 hit stands today and business finally picked up!

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers  Preview 1 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers  Preview 3 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers  Preview 2 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers  Preview 4

Before we get into the spoilers for this issue and our review, here’s what you need to know heading into Convergence #2 just a click away. They’ll get you caught up on the previous lead-in issues of the eight week long event series:

  • Convergence #0 spoilers here.
  • Convergence #1 spoilers here.

There was also a preview for the issue released and writer Jeff King has said that the Earth 2 Dick Grayson will play a huge role in Convergence that starts this week!

This week also marks Week Two of Convergence and brings us several #1’s from DC Comics’ two-shot tie-ins mini-mini-series. I’m particularly excited about Suicide Squad #1 which features Amanda Waller’s 1980’s/90’s Task Force X against Kingdom Come characters.

With that, spoilers and review for DC Comics’ Convergence #1 follow!

The book opens with Earth 2’s Justice Society trying to defeat Telos. Both Val Zod Earth 2’s Superman and Alan Scott’s Earth 2 Green Lantern (who is tied to all the multiverse Earths’ “green” power) take their best shots, but Telos proves powerful.

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 1 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 3 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 4 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 5 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 6

Telos also proves unpredictable and simply vanishes on his own accord…

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 7

This allows Earth 2’s Batman and that world’s Dick Grayson to explore the nearest now un-domed Earth city. It is the pre-Flashpoint Earth.

They learn that perimeters of the cities are guarded by drones. That’s why only the speedsters seems to be able to traverse the landscape and the various cities as seen in this issue by Earth 2’s Jay Garrick Flash and in Convergence Speed Force #1 with the Wally West Flash. We see that Stan Lee’s “Just Image” Earth 6 (per The Multiversity Guidebook entry) battles the New 52 Futures End Earth. We also See Superman Red and Blue battling another Earth that I am readily not familiar with.

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 2 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 10

At the same time, Earth 2’s Batman finds the pre-Flashpoint Batman hidden lair; Thomas Wayne meets Bruce Wayne. On Earth 2 father Thomas lost Bruce under different circumstances than son Bruce lost his father on his Earth. They collaborate and Bruce lends Thomas some of his wonderful toys (as Jack Nicholson would say).

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 9 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 11

DC Comics’ Convergence #2 ends with the Earth 2 heroic Society perplexed about what Earth-city they are near, but Alan Scott Earth 2 Green Lantern picks up a Court of Owls mask. They witness someone fleeing the drones that protect the nearest city!

DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 12 DC Comics Convergence #2 Spoilers 13

It is Deimos! Evil wizard of Warlord lore. But, is this any Deimos older fans would recognize?

I guess we’ll find out next week in DC Comics Convergence #3!

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