The Batman v Superman Trailer Has Leaked; Being Pulled Offline Early


Within days of making the announcement that the first trailer for Batman v Superman would crash land into select theaters (and most likely online) next Monday, it appears as if the two famed heroes have taken a detour. We don’t know how or why, but today the comic book Gods have smiled down upon us to deliver the trailer a few days in advance. For those in need of a higher-quality rendering of the trailer, it’s best to wait until Monday when the full thing will no doubt made available to you with wonderful clarity.

In the trailer, we are given some dark images of Metropolis (clearly the Chicago skyline), home of the not-so-beloved Superman. Taking place shortly after the events of Man of Steel, Clark Kent is finding himself in hot water with the citizens of his hometown. It seems not everybody is smitten with the Kryptonian and wish him gone. There’s an image of our caped hero as a statue with the word “False God” spray-painted across the torso. From the look of things, it appears another caped crusader agrees with the opinion of the DC Comic Universe, which leads the two heavyweights to butt heads. With that, we get a glimpse at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne without the mask and his own take on the growling Batman voice as he dons the suit to meet up with his high-flying opponent.

From the get-go, there’s too much to leave unturned in the brief teaser. Fans have wondered how Wayne and Kent would pair up if the two were to brawl one-on-one. We can say from the trailer that Batman has some serious gall about him. He appears to be the one wanting to meet up to take down Superman. He may have also delivered the best line in a comic book movie when he asks the hero, “Do you bleed?” and then proceeds to answer that question with the follow-up, “You will.”

But there’s more here than just a grizzled Batman taking on a false god. Superman seems to have garnered a following after the events of the first film. There are those who would follow him to the ends of the earth as evidenced by the statute to commemorate his good deeds. So the fact that Batman carries such a grudge means there must be a major piece of the plot we’re missing. It’s been rumored that Lex Luthor (Jesse Esienberg) will have a significant role in sparking the feud. Exactly how the rivalry gets started we still do not know. But who cares? We got our first glimpse of the Batmobile and what appears to be the Batwing. What more could we ask for?

Check out the full trailer above before it’s pulled off the internet for good. And make sure to see the much higher quality version when it hits next Monday in select IMAX theaters. Batman v Superman will arrive March 25, 2016.


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