The Most Beautiful Looking Superman Today Is In Suiciders


There was a time when Vertigo published some of the most beautiful comics. With truly intricately detailed works of art. From the likes of Glenn Fabry, Phil Winslade, Steve Pugh and more. Work that you could lose yourself in for days in the splendour of it all.

Suiciders #3 (2015) - Page 9

Then the big time page rates went away and so did the artists who would spend so much time on them. Okay, with possibly the exception of JH Williams III on Sandman Overture. They would either change their styles to be quicker, move to commissions and covers only, or find other venues – check Lazarus and Nonplayer at Image Comics, Chris Weston on storyboards and designs, or the movies of Dave McKean.

Suiciders #3 (2015) - Page 10

But challenging JH right now is Lee Bermejo, on Suiciders, probably putting out the work of his life. A future set fantasy of survival and celebrity, it jumps genres from crime noir to action adventure to slice of life but throughout it showing an extreme dedication to exposing you to every nook and cranny of the world he has created. It’s a shame that the preview published in almost all DC titles showed only the most crass example of that, the gladiatorial fight, when the book is so much more.

Suiciders #3 (2015) - Page 4

Suiciders is one of the best comics DC is publishing right now, but it is being criminally ignored. I understand that DC Comics may be looking to fix that, but you can do that yourself, today, by buying a copy of issue 3. I did.

After all, Superman wants you to.

Suiciders #3 (2015) - Page 8


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