Supergirl’s David Harewood Teases Becoming Cyborg Superman


On the heels of CBS ordering Supergirl to series, Digital Spy spoke to cast member David Harewood (Homeland), who plays DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations) agent Hank Henshaw.

In the comics (pre-New 52), Hank has a much different background. He’s an astronaut that believes catastrophic events that plague him and his crew are Superman’s fault. Before his injuries take his life he transfers his consciousness into Superman’s birthing matrix, becoming Cyborg Superman.

Harewood well aware of Henshaw’s comic backstory. “Hank Henshaw, yes, who ends up becoming Cyborg Superman in the comics, battling Superman,” Harewood told Digital Spy when they brought up that who he is playing in the show. “So I’m looking forward to that.”

“He’s a bit of a supervillain,” Harewood teased. “He seems pretty indestructible. Which I kind of like because I keep getting blown up in these things. I’m kind of looking forward to being indestructible.”

To me, that sounds like Harewood will eventually become, or already is, a cyborg in Supergirl. Will he actually resemble the Cyborg Superman we know and love? Probably not. I assume he’ll just be a cyborg – no Superman costume.

CBS’ Supergirl is expected to make its debut later this year.

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