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DC Comics will do another reboot/relaunch of sorts this upcoming July with the Man of Steel himself undergoing some changes of a more … shall I say superficial nature? Superman’s secret identity has been revealed (bummer), and Kal-El will get a very different outfit from the classic superhero duds first introduced in the pages of Action Comics #1 back in 1938.

In the new Action Comics #41 written by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder — with art and cover drawn by Kuder — we’ll get to see how Supes loses the classic costume we all know and love after a hectic battle with the Shadow Ninjas. Head on to the gallery down below to see what leads to that momentous, dramatic event. Also, here’s an official synopsis for the upcoming comics issue to whet your appetite:

Low on power, Superman battles mysterious assailants—Shadow Ninjas—as he tries to reach his Fortress of Solitude.

Are you looking forward to the Son of Krypton getting a new Superman costume? What do you think about the way he actually loses his classic outfit?

(via Comic Book Movie)


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