Rare Superman comic book stolen in Edmonton


Happy Harbor Comics is in need of a hero after a rare comic was stolen.

Store owner Jay Bardyla says sometime in the last week a low-down, no-good dirty villain stole a rare Superman comic that was displayed high on the wall.

“The book isn’t what we consider to be a high-grade condition, it was a very low-grade. It had some tears in it and some stuff like that,” he said. “We had it valued at about $2,000.”

Staff put out the word to other crime fighters in hopes of finding the comic. Collectors like Scott Molnar say it should be easy to spot — Superman No. 3 was printed just after the start of World War Two so there aren’t many copies left.

“What do they think they’re going to do with it after? Like, you can’t sell it… it’s like having the Mona Lisa. People are going to know it’s the one that was stolen. I find that surprising, but people will do just about anything these days, I suppose.”

The question remains: Who will save Superman? Tune in next week to find out if the comic book caper will finally be caught.

From: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/rare-superman-comic-book-stolen-in-edmonton-1.3112532

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