Superman Day 2015: 7 of the craziest Superman battles in comics

Superman Day: 7 of the craziest Superman battles in comics
Superman VS Skeletor (Picture: DC)

Superman is one of the world’s most popular and renowned fictional superheroes.

He is all about truth, justice and the American way and has been entertaining us in comic books since 1938 as well as on TV and film.

The character has had many incarnations, some of them more dark and twisty than others (hello Man of Steel), but no matter what, for some he will always be thought of as kind of dull.

His clean cut, farm-boy ways and insistence on doing the right thing, may not on first glance be the most fun way to get things done – but he certainly does know how to kick some serious ass.

He has powers that mean that unless you lob some kryptonite his way he will undoubtedly take you down (unless you outsmart him Batman-style), but that doesn’t mean his battles don’t get interesting.

To celebrate Superman day we have put together seven of the best and most fun Superman battles (in no particular order).

1. Superman vs Thor

Superman vs Thor
Superman vs Thor (Picture: DC)

The hi-jinks over a cosmic cube in the 2003 JLA/Avengers issues 1 and 2 saw Supes and Thor face off against each other in some pretty brutal battles.

For the most part they are evenly matched with Thor’s Mjolnir showing you don’t need Kryptonite to do serious damage to Superman.

2. Incredible Hulk vs Superman

Superman VS Hulk
Superman VS Hulk (Picture: Marvel/DC)

In 1999 Marvel and DC joined forces and pitted the Hulk against Superman with a bit of Lex Luthor madness thrown in for good measure.

The fights were not easy for either hero, but they sure were exciting. I would love to see a rematch!

3. Superman vs Doomsday

Superman VS Doomsday
Superman VS Doomsday (Picture: DC)

In the 1992 Death of Superman comic, we see Doomsday and Superman beat the tar out of each other so hard their punches break windows and each other.

Superman gets so beat, he appears to die.

4. Superman vs Captain Marvel

They have been rivals for years and the Lex Luthor brainwashed Captain Marvel fighting Superman in the 1996 Kingdom Come story is off the charts awesome.

Marvel rips into Superman again and again with his magical lightning bolt, yet Superman still manages to gain the upper hand. That is what you call skills.

5. Superman vs Aliens (Superman/Aliens, 1995)

Superman VS Aliens
Superman VS Aliens (Picture: DC)

The last thing you want if you are Superman is to have your powers diminish and then have to fight off some Xenomorphs, add to that getting impregnated with an alien queen and you have yourself a seriously bad day.

6. Superman vs Skeletor

The 1982 team up of Superman and He-Man is as fun as it sounds. Skeletor and friends scheme to take over Castle Grayskull and Superman and He-Man use their brute strength and smarts to stop them.

Superman’s vulnerability to magic makes this all the more fun.

7. Superman vs Batman

When Superman and Batman fight you can’t help but be on edge. In the 1986 The Dark Knight Returns series they have the mother of all showdowns and things do not go well for either of them.

Green Arrow gets involved and one of the main two end up in a coffin. It is a story that needs to be read.

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