Watch DC’s Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad Comic-Con panels


Warner Bros. had a lot at stake at Comic-Con — it’s trying to jumpstart a DC Comics cinematic universe after years of Marvel domination. And yesterday, Hall H was its proving ground. The studio pulled out all of the stops (and nearly all of its actors) to drum up the hype for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and now you can watch the entire panel as if you were right there in San Diego.

Videos for both the Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad panels have surfaced online in very high quality from Flicks and the City. The trailers have been cut out — yes, you’ll still have to wait to see the well-recieved trailer of Jared Leto and company causing mayhem — but there’s still plenty to enjoy here. Zack Snyder parcels out a fair bit of new details about the new Batman film world he has created, and, of course, you get to hear from the actors, too.

One of the highlights is certainly Mad Batman’s — I mean Ben Affleck’s — hard-to-believe story about running into none other than Christian Bale while shopping for a Batman costume.

I had this really weird experience where before we started the movie. I was getting my kid a Halloween costume. And my son is really into Batman.

We went to a store, a costume store in Los Angeles, and it was pretty empty. And I was in the aisle and I heard this “Oi!,” and I turned around, and it’s Christian Bale! … And there he and I are, standing in the Batman costume row.

I said, “Look man, you know, you’re the best. What do you think, do you have any tips?”

“Make sure you can piss in that suit.”

After you watch the panels, make sure you check out the new Batman v. Superman trailer if you somehow haven’t seen it already.

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