DC Confirmed ‘Superman’ Comics; Superhero Game Coming Soon?


DC has revealed three new “Superman” comics as well as two new mini-series at SDCC 2015.

DC Comics co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio revealed three new comics spinning out of “Convergence.” “Superman: Lois and Clark” is in an alternate universe where the superhero is joined by Lois Lane and their son. Set nine years after “Convergence,” the story picks up from when the family learns about how their lives have changed.

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“Telos,” the initial villain of “Convergence” who had a change of heart by the end of the story, will be getting his own series created by writer Jeff King. In the upcoming comic, Telos will find himself free and able to traverse space and time through a sliver of Brainiac’s powers. “Titans Hunt” is focused on other alternate universe characters – the Teen Titans.

DC also revealed two new “Superman” comics mini-series at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Neal Adams will be developing a six-issue series entitled “Coming of the Supermen.” Similar to his recent project, “Batman: Odyssey,” this “Superman” mini-series is a standalone book set outside the current DC universe timeline.

“Coming of the Supermen” puts the Man of Steel head-to-head against Darkseid and Kalibak. Three new heroes also emerge from Kandor (or New Krypton) and are forced to unite with Lex Luthor to oppose Darkseid. It will debut in Nov. 2015.
“Superman: American Alien” is a seven-issue series by “Chronicle” writer Max Landis. Each of the book in the series will take place at a different point in Clark Kent’s life, detailing his evolution from a farmboy to superhero. It is also slated for a November release.

According to Tech Times, current “Superman” games such as “Superman 64” or “Superman Returns” do not exactly give justice to the Man of Steel. The website suggested that a “Superman” game should be open-world. With his ability to fly, limiting that would seem offensive. His super strength, super speed, heat vision, x-ray vision and ice breath would definitely come into play in an open-world adventure video game.

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