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Sorry for the lateness guys, but I’ve only just returned from Zambia, and I am trying to catch up on two weeks worth of nerd information, with SDCC piled in there. Obviously the best things that have happened in that time have been the trailers for Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. My Suicide Squad trailer article will be posted soon after this one. Now, onto the incredible easter egg full trailer that caused Hall H to erupt into fits last weekend.

Okay, try to process your thoughts. There is some really interesting stuff going on under the surface there.

Holly Hunter (If you recognise the voice, it’s Elastigirl) appears to be a Senator, who doesn’t like Superman very much. Understandable, she’s probably a senator of the state Metropolis is in (was in). Also, you’ll see later that she has a little friendship with Lex Luthor, which means he is probably the one that pushed her into subpeonaing Supes.

The strange thing isn’t Supes getting called to court, it’s him actually going. Why? Is it to take responsibility? Maybe so. Who would take the pressure of defending him? Who would take the pressure of opposing him!?

Here we begin to see what’s going to bring Supes and Bats into conflict. It appears that Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during Superman and General Zod’s battle in Man of Steel. We can see them in the distance, bringing down what must be the Wayne Tower of Metropolis. This is a very bad thing, pissing off Bruce Wayne never ends well. He then runs into the smoke (like a badass).

This then happens. I’ve seen a couple of theories about this. Could be his daughter, but at the same time, later it appears as if his family died. It could alternatively be a little girl who is orphaned during the attack, and he takes on as a ward (Carrie Kelley?) and turns into the new Robin. It appears as if the Joker has already killed one, and it is possible that there is a Dick Grayson Nightwing running around as well. The other question is how much time has passed since Man of Steel? It doesn’t look all that long, maybe a few months, but if it is a couple of years then we could see this girl turning into Robin.

This looks like Wayne Manor, and Alfred walking towards it. Bruce’s wife may have died, and this shows that he’s been a little preoccupied thinking about that. It’s really looking pretty banged up there.

Ouch. That’s got to hurt. Who is it from? Lots of people say Red Hood, I doubt it. More likely we won’t find out. The interesting thing is that whoever it is has sent this to Bruce, not Batman. Could be anyone.

And he’s angry. Apparently when Bruce gets angry, he pulls tyres around.

This looks like the moment when Bruce gets off his butt and decides to be Batman again.

This is not Michael Caine. This guy could beat the crap out of anyone he wanted. This is a guy who has been hardened by raising Bruce Wayne in this very difficult world. It’s been said by Zack Snyder that in this world, Metropolis and Gotham are actually just across a bay from each other, like San Francisco and Oakland. Gotham is the poor one, and look at Metropolis as the rich snobs who only help themselves.

Clark is working at the Daily Planet. He dislikes Batman. Clearly the confrontation is escalating at this point.

Lois loves Superman. What a surprise. At least he still has her on his side.

Superman is just kind of sitting there… in the air, as these people beg for help. They actually have a Superman symbol painted on top of their house, and you have to wonder when in the middle of this disaster they had time to paint that on. Anyway, point is he doesn’t look like helping. That’s bad. He surely can’t be so annoyed at the humans that he refuses to save them… can he?

He also has his adopted mother on his side, he’s building a real team here. Watch out Bruce.

Oh now he has a real team. Seems like he’s helped at least a few people, or they just assume he is a God. Possible.

Did Superman just destroy a rocket? If so, this is getting bad. Probably just saved part of it or something… maybe. Notice though, Russian flag on the side. Could have destroyed it for America.

This shows Luthor for the first time, complete with ridiculous hair, as we have come to expect from Lex. He is playing up the senator, as you would expect. He has convinced her that Superman is a demon, so she is clearly not going to like Supes very much.

This is the crazy part. Superman is bowing to Luthor. Could Luthor have Kryptonite? Or is Superman being blackmailed? The latter seems more plausible, as kryptonite probably doesn’t make you bow to people.

Here we go. The long rumoured Zod being turned into Doomsday by Lex Luthor is becoming more likely. It seems he at least has the body, and it is likely he will be doing some experimenting on it. He probably turns him into Doomsday, who then fights the big three at the end of the film.

This is one of the most important moments in the trailer. It is clear from this that the backstory to this universe is extensive. The Joker has done some serious damage to Batman, like killed a Robin. Batman kept this suit, suggesting it is a reminder as to why he gave up the mantle. He will dwell on it in this film as he takes up the mantle again.

The first shot of Diana Prince, making me go a little insane. Can’t wait for Gal Gadot in this film. She looks exactly how she should. Diana will probably come to Gotham/Metropolis like this, and then get into costume when she discovers that Batman and Superman need broken up.

Batman is lighting the bat-signal? Tooting his own horn? Or bringing in Supes? Jim Gordon is rumoured to be dead in this universe, so there isn’t anyone else to light the signal.

Does that lump in the corner look Momoa-shaped to anyone else? Whatever this is, it’s the closest thing to an Aquaman reference in this whole trailer. Wish we got a look at him, but we were clearly focusing on the big three for now.

What’s this? No idea. Heard a couple of theories, but nothing that seems plausible. Please tell me in the comments if you have a clue.

What’s this? A predictable, inevitable scene in any film involving Batman. This is daddy, and this…

is young Bruce moments later. Spoiler warning, his parents just got killed.

The sexual tension between Bruce and Diana here is interesting.

I’ve never read that many Wonder Woman comics, but I didn’t know that banging her wristbands together caused massive explosions. Maybe it doesn’t, and that was something else.

A lot of people are wondering where Batman is. Ruins in the background look vaguely Greek or Roman mythology, which relates to Wonder Woman, but the next couple of pictures make me suspect that there is a new fortress of solitude in this desert wasteland.

This is what makes me suspect it. Any soldiers, could mean anything. But look closer, they have the Superman symbol on their arms, meaning they are clearly vigilantes in his service, whether he wants them to be or not.

The next Batman fight scenes seem to be him breaking into Lexcorp, and Lex then arriving afterwards. He was probably stealing, or attempting to steal, this lump of kryptonite, which will probably prove instrumental in the upcoming battle.

Batslam! This is clearly during the battle, probably shortly after kryptonite was used to weaken Supes. Now Batman gets the chance to smack down on him. I’m thinking that this is shortly before Supes gains the upper hand. Zack Snyder said that the Batsuit shown here is not full of Kryptonite, it is rather used to gain Batman more time, to protect him while he does something else.

Inevitably, Batman and Superman will near the end of their fight and Wonder Woman will enter to break them up. Looks like she is primarily fighting Supes here, so it is possible that he is about to kill Batman and she stops him.

You can see more here of the anger Superman is feeling. He really is painted as the villain in a lot of this trailer, and it seems like he really wanted to kill Batman there, not just injure or maim him. The Mech-Suit will get destroyed assumedly, as he is down to the normal suit at this point in the battle.

His voiceovers during the battle “Black and Blue, God vs Man, Day vs Knight” really show how he has manipulated this battle into fruition. His line about the red capes coming just shows that he is also a little insane, as you would expect.

This is an epic, important moment. Either they are about to shake hands, or Superman has finally won, and Wonder Woman is about to enter the battle to stop him killing Batman. Either way, epic.

That’s it. What a trailer. Can’t believe how much this film is going to fit into it. Really epic battles coming guys. Lex Luthor looks amazing, as does the Joker, and again, check out my Suicide Squad trailer breakdown soon.


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