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Confirming one of the earliest casting rumors in the DC Cinematic Universe, a new YouTube video  from DC Entertainment confirms that Two Okamoto will indeed play Lex Luthor’s personal aide and bodyguard Mercy Graves. was the first to report that Okamoto was Graves, way back when production was first underway in June of last year.

In the comics, Graves is portrayed as highly intelligent and experienced in hand-to-hand combat.  Like Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn and Livewire, who will appear on CBS’s Supergirl, Graves was created for the animated DC series of the ’90s and transitioned into the comics later.

In the critically-panned Justice League: Cry for Justice, long-standing fan theories about Mercy being an Amazon were confirmed. One wonders whether that might play into Wonder Woman’s involvement in the film.

Tao Okamoto previously appeared as Mariko Yashida in 2013?s The Wolverine. In June 2014, at the same time we were first reporting the news, Mercy Graves was reintroduced to the rebooted DC Universe as an Asian-American.


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