Stan Lee Makes His Pick In Batman V. Superman


Stan Lee would tell Batman right now that Superman doesn’t bleed.

The famed Marvel Comics creator, whose credits include Spider-Man, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four—made that much clear in a recent interview, where he made his pick in a Batman V. Superman skirmish.

When asked which DC Comics superhero would win in a fight, Lee responded, “Superman, I think.”

“He’s indestructible, he can do anything,” Lee elaborated to The Boston Herald. “And Batman relies on a few weapons…But if this were real–a fight between Superman and Batman–there’s no way that Batman could win.” 

But Lee did reveal that, given his loyalties to each character’s creators, he did feel torn on picking a winner. 

“The creator of Batman, Bob Kane, was a good friend of mine, so he’d be unhappy with me saying that. But at the same time, Jerry Siegel, one of the creators of Superman, worked for me for a while. So I feel I have divided loyalties.”

Well, we’re glad Lee could put personal biases aside for a clear and logical answer. 

Do you agree with Lee’s Batman V. Superman pick? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments!

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016. 


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