This Official DC Comics Cafe In Singapore Features Superman Lattes



American pop culture and overpriced food collide in this officially licensed DC Comics Cafe in Singapore.
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If you love DC Comics and happen to be swinging by Singapore in the near future, you’ll definitely want to check out the DC Comics Superhero Cafe.

The restaurant (via CBR) is officially licensed by DC and is completely saturated with superhero goodness. From posters to the tables and everything in between, this cafe isn’t shying away from the source material.

There is absolutely nothing subtle about the place. That becomes immediately evident if you take a look at the menu. Want to purchase a Batman-themed hamburger? It comes on a black bun with a piece of yellow cheese carved into a Batsignal on top. If Aquaman is your favorite hero (I’m sorry) you can try Arthur Curry’s favorite (not really) meal: the Justice Jumbo Prawn Cocktail.

Don’t worry, the rest of the Justice League is represented too, though not as well. You can grab a Superman Man of Steel BBQ Burrito or a Wonder Woman Turkey Roll. What either one of those food items has to do with their respective heroes (aside from the etched-on Superman or Wonder Woman logo) is, however, beyond me.

Or maybe you aren’t hungry and you just want to sip on a hot or cold beverage. The DC Comics Superhero Cafe has you covered there as well, with frozen juice drinks as well as lattes. Order a Superman latte and you’ll see the Superman logo in the foam. Does Superman drink lattes? I’m not so sure, but regardless, you can buy one at the cafe, in addition to lattes featuring the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern logos.

It’s all kind of silly, but DC Comics fans will dig it. What they might not dig is the price tag. While we don’t know exactly how much each of these meals might cost, one must assume that cheese Batsignals and foam Wonder Woman logos carry a higher price.

The DC Comics Superhero Cafe in Singapore is opening up next month, joining two already existing locations in Malaysia.

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