Batman v Superman: What If There Isn’t a Villain After All?


What if the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman, defies the general trend doesn’t include a villain at all? Or, for the purposes of this article, not a “traditional” villain?

This may sound crazy but hear me out…

There has been major speculation over who the BvS villain is going to be. Specifically, the official synopsis states that a new threat arises putting mankind in greater danger than its ever known before. We know that Lex Luthor is a part of the movie, but no one really believes that he’s going to be a physical threat. He’s just a mental maniac.

Thus far, the main candidate for the villain has been Doomsday. It was speculated well before the release of the Comic-Con trailer that Luthor would experiment with Zod’s corpse and create the creature known as Doomsday. The trailer itself seemed to confirm this by showing Zod’s corpse inside a research facility with Luthor’s assistant. Doomsday managed to defeat the Justice League and kill Superman in the comics, so it would definitely be a major threat requiring a major team-up. A slightly different path of thinking, though, speculates that Luthor’s experimentation creates Bizarro as opposed to Doomsday.

A second theory I read stated that Luthor could, in fact, unlock Brainiac from Zod’s DNA, much like the Kryptonian codex that was hidden in Superman’s body by his father. With Brainiac being a major villain, it would make sense for other heroes to come out of hiding to fight him, too.

Here’s a different take than usual to ponder: Luthor has Zod’s corpse, and he has Kryptonite, that much we know. Clearly, he’s experimenting on a Kryptonian. In the comics, Kryptonite comes in different colors. Specifically, in the ‘Hush’ storyline in the comics, Poison Ivy uses Kryptonite for a very different purpose.

What is that purpose? Well, she uses it to control Superman’s mind. In fact, because of this, the two even come to blows briefly before Batman manages to snap Superman out of the dastardly trance.

What if Luthor is doing the same thing? What if he wants to place Superman under mind-control?

Batman is afraid of Superman going rogue, and so they may want to find a way to control him. What if this is exactly what happens?

Consider this: The trailer showed Superman kneeling before Luthor and the soldiers who have Krypton’s crests on their shoulders. If Luthor wishes to drive Superman’s name into the mud, an army sporting his crest that is killing people is a great way to do that, but what would be even better is if he can get the boy scout himself to lead the army of evil-doing soldiers. Wonder Woman and Batman are shown fighting someone, but it is never revealed who. At one point, Batman grapples away from a blast of heat vision. What if a brainwashed Superman is behind the combat? One thing that was seen in the leaked footage from Comic-Con was that Superman was looking down at Batman with an angry glare. This makes sense when you think of Superman not being in control of himself.

Some of you might point out that Superman also looks up at Luthor with rage filled eyes; this could be an instance of Supes temporarily overcoming the mind-control before Luthor brings him back under his grasp.

This would also be a natural lead into the Justice League team-up. Batman and Superman fight, but eventually, Batman realizes a brawl will not help the matters any. He needs to undo the brainwashing first and foremost. So he asks Wonder Woman to keep Superman occupied. She then fights him while the Dark Knight goes after the true source of the wrong doing. Once Superman comes to his own consciousness and realizes what has happened, one of the two heroes proposes they team-up so that there is always someone to keep an eye on the others and keep them in check if required.

Enter, Justice League.


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