Superman takes on Wrath in the finale of this arc!


Superman takes on Wrath, the creature causing people to freak out and attack each other across the city. It’s part four of “The Hard Truth.”

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s run on ACTION COMICS has been very different from what we’ve seen come from Superman for decades. The two have ventured into horror, action, adventure, and now present a more grounded Superman story that deals just as much with the average citizens of the world as it does with Superman. Pak and Kuder take a chance with this character, who is in quite the situation due to his powers being dampened; however, the story does fall a little flat overall, and features a villain that just doesn’t grab the reader, which is a bit of a bummer because she looks great.

There are some great moments within the issue though. The ending of the main story introduces readers to a new character who I have become pretty fond of from her appearance here and I think she’ll be a great addition to the series. Pak and Kuder, as the folks behind the story, do hit some great emotional moments in this issue.

One of the things that keeps this series looking amazing is obviously the artwork of Aaron Kuder with Tomeu Morey on colors. While Greg Pak is a great writer, Kuder and Morey have really given this book a life of its own. Kuder’s page set-ups and panel layouts keep ACTION COMICS a moving piece of art that never gets dull or slows down. There’s a lot of innovation within Kuder’s execution, especially for where he puts the “camera” for each panel.

Overall, ACTION COMICS’ story was about par. It does a lot of set-up work for potential future stories, but this issue, along with the rest of the story, was just ok. However, there are great moments scattered throughout the issue, but the highlight of the issue is truly the art. It wasn’t a bad issue, but really didn’t feel like this creative team’s strongest.


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