Marvel’s Sebastian Stan Fires Back At Batman V. Superman’s Zack Snyder


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Director Zack Snyder made some pretty dismissive comments about Marvel’s characters recently, referring to Ant-Man as a “flavor of the week.”

Marvel’s Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan, decided to fire back at Snyder during an interview with Collider, saying:

Yeah, I’m sitting here and I’m listening to you and I’m thinking, “Do I want to fire some shots at DC right now, at Zack Snyder?” I read some of those comments where he said something about Batman and Superman, I can’t remember where I read that, somewhere… Something about, “It’s not going to be your flavor-of-the-week Ant-Man.” And I was like, “Oh thanks, Zack. That’s great. Way to do something original.” But I would say we’re still making something very original in our own way. I mean, the Russos are coming in and taking something people are used to and they’re shaping it up and changing it in a very different way. They’re not trying to mimic a better Christopher Nolan movie or something like that.

Shots fired, and returned.

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