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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
(Photo : Warner Bros./Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Official Facebook Page) If you love DC Comics, then check out our list of the four facts from the original comics that we hope will be included in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

DC Comics fans, if you can’t wait to see “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” then check out our list of the four important tidbits from the comics that we hope will be included in the film!

4. The Amazons Were Turned To Stone

In the “New 52” reboot, Zeus’s wife Hera turned Queen Hippolyta into stones and the other Amazons into snakes, says Comic Vine.

The queen of the Greek gods punished the warriors because their ruler had an affair with Zeus and Hippolyta hid the truth about Diana’s parentage.

Since Wonder Woman is going be a demi-goddess in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” it would be interesting if director Zack Snyder included Hera’s punishment of the Amazons in the upcoming film, adds Comic Book.

3. Bruce Wayne Studied In Cambridge

Bruce Wayne is actually a very intelligent superhero and he studied at Cambridge in his youth, writes Comic Vine.

It would also be interesting if Bruce mentions to either Superman or Wonder Woman that he learned the art of healing from Nepalese monks during his globetrotting adventures.

Mentioning Bruce’s academic accomplishments and talent for healing would be a great way to show the different layers of the character.

Two. Clark Kent Hides His Alter-Ego

In the comic book “Birthright,” Clark Kent adopted a different posture, stance and speech pattern in order to hide his secret identity, notes Comic Vine.

While in the comics it was his parents who helped him learn how to hide the fact he was Superman, perhaps Clark’s girlfriend Lois Lane will help him hide his alter ego in “Dawn of Justice.” 

1. Wonder Woman Has An Aunt

Diana Prince’s mother Queen Hippolyta had a sister named Antiope, but founded her own city of Bana-Mighdall.

Antiope left her sister because she was angry that Queen Hippolyta would not let the Amazons get revenge on Hercules and his men, who had attacked the warrior women.

Half of the Amazons followed Antiope, renounced the Greek gods, and created their own city, adds Comic Vine.

Perhaps Diana will mention the aunt she has presumably never met to Bruce and Clark once they find out she is a demi-goddess.

DC Comics fans, what tidbits do you want Snyder to include in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!


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