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DC Comics has released their coloring book variant covers for their January 2016 comic book solicitations.

Spoilers follow for DC Comics January 2016 comic book solicitations.

It appears that if the variant depict modern day DC Comics’ DC You status quo that Superman may be re-powered and back with his DC New 52 costume, Bruce Wayne is back as Batman and Wonder Woman may have a new costume.

The below books have Superman back in his DC New 52 costume and looking super-powerful.

Action Comics #48 variant:

Action Comics #48 variant January 2016

JLA #8:

JLA #8 variant January 2016

Justice League #48:

Justice League #48 variant January 2016

Superman #48:

Superman #48 variant January 2016

The below books show what appears to be Bruce Wayne back as Batman and the first one also shows Superman back in his DC New 52 threads. Plus, is the Joker back?

Batman / Superman #28:

Batman Superman #28 variant January 2016

Batman #48:

Batman #48 variant Januart 2016

Wonder Woman also appears to get a new costume per the below. However, the second book below seems to be inconsistent on the January 2016 covers that feature Superman and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #48:

Wonder Woman #8 variant January 2016

Superman / Wonder Woman #25:

Superman Wonder Woman #25 variant January 2016

Finally, because Superman: Lois and Clark #1 was great, thought I’d share the variant cover for Superman: Lois and Clark #4 as well.

Superman Lois and Clark #4 variant January 2016

Can’t wait to see what DC Comics has in store as part of their January 2016 solicitations.

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