Google Play Books update makes reading Superman and other comics easier


Google play Books

Comic books are slowly moving away from print to electronic media, and Google wants to make it easier to read the latest issue of Superman, Spider-Man or The Walking Dead via its Google Play Books app. The latest update includes a new way to navigate through the panes of a comic book.

Google Play Comics Scroll

Google says:

Reading a comic book is all about following the story and enjoying the art, dialogue and pace the way you want. But navigating a comic can be tricky on a small phone or tablet screen. So, we’re introducing a new vertical scrolling experience for comics in landscape mode. Flip your device on its side and you can easily scroll through the story with quick vertical swipes.

The comics section of Google Play Books has also received a redesign, which includes organizing many of the major comic book series by volumes, issues and other editions. It will also offer personizallied recommendations for other comics you might want to check out.

The update for Google Play Books will roll out in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, India, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa in the next few days.

Source: Google


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