‘Darkseid War: Superman #1’ doesn’t do anything new for the character: comic …

Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1 gives Superman a new look and makes him a god, but there are no other interesting developments.dc comics

“Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1” gives Superman a new look and makes him a god, but there are no other interesting developments.

When the Man of Steel becomes utterly arrogant, a wardrobe change is called for.

In “Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1,” the Man of Tomorrow comes crashing down from space with a new black outfit and a nasty attitude causing the people of Metropolis to stop and take notice.

This indifference to humanity and property damage is a result of his being transformed by the solar rays from the evil alien world, Apokolips in the Justice League comics.

Superman has gone through some changes in recent times even after the 52 reboot. He got a new power, was then depowered and became the God of Strength, a deity detached from people and ready for a fight.

All the past major changes have offered opportunities to explore the character better, which is not what you can say about this transformation.

Now a god, Superman goes rampaging around the city for an apple pie (not joking) and only saves the city to prove his own superiority.


This issue is a quick and simple story, where Jimmy Olsen tries to convince the uncaring Superman to snap back to normal and save Metropolis from an alien force. And Superman does, proving there is still something of the original hero in there.

All of it is in character of a Superman story about saving the day, but nothing new is found out about Superman as character or as a god. Everything we know about him as a lonely alien is just reinforced and nothing major develops about the negative effects of the solar rays from Apokolips.

In other words, you can just go up, up and away to another comic if you’d like. There will be better Superman comics down the line.

“Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1” is out now from DC Comics.

Title: Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1 Publisher: DC Comics Genre: Comics

From: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/theater-arts/darkseid-war-superman-1-doesn-new-article-1.2431776

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