DC Comics Announces Variant Cover Theme Inspired By ‘Batman v Superman’


DC Comics 'Batman v Superman' variant cover

Harley Quinn passed the cover art baton to Superman and Batman as DC Comics announced the new variant theme for March 2016. Also check out what interesting tidbit about the ‘Dawn of Justice’ teaser trailer was revealed.
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On Dec. 11, DC Comics officially announced a new variant cover theme for the month of March in 2016 and it is none other than Batman/Superman, just in time for the release of the much awaited superhero film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on March 25.

Not only that, the variant cover also comes with an opaque black polybags and stunning cover arts were created by some of the comic book industry’s most brilliant artists and there are 10 variants to choose from or collect!

Depending on the Batman or Superman comic book you will be purchasing, you can own variants illustrated by Charlie Adlard, Kaare Andrews, Martin Ansin, Massimo Carnevale, Rafael Grampa, Jim Lee, Tony Moore, Kevin Nowlan, Ryan Ottley and Stephen Platt.

“All ten comics will have three black polybagged variants of equal quantity of pencils, inks and colored covers,” DC said in its announcement.

The “Batman v Superman” variant cover theme comes just after the December theme focusing on Harley Quinn and her little black book.

If that doesn’t excite you, then how about a revelation about that teaser trailer of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” that got everyone buzzing because The Man of Steel was acting like a ruthless villain and unceremoniously unmasked Batman? It seems like a nightmare situation for The Caped Crusader to be unmasked and it probably is. Michael Wilkinson, the epic film’s costume designer, recently revealed that it was indeed part of a dream sequence in the movie and our best guess is that it is Bruce Wayne’s nightmare.

It’s also no wonder why everyone’s emotions are still high in the film because, unlike all of us whose last sighting of Superman was two years ago, in 2013, “Dawn of Justice” takes place only eight months after the devastating events in “Man of Steel.”

From: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/115797/20151212/dc-comics-announces-variant-cover-theme-inspired-by-batman-v-superman.htm

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