Big Changes for DC’s Batman and Superman Comics in March 2016


DC readers can look forward to big changes for both the Batman and Superman franchises in March 2016. Both characters will be returning to a more traditional status quo, with Bruce Wayne donning the mantle of Batman once again and Superman’s powers and costume being restored.

These changes were revealed in the solicitations for Batman #50 and Superman #50, both of which will be shipping in March.

Batman #50 cover by Greg Capullo
Batman #50 cover by Greg Capullo

The solicit text for Batman #50 reads, “Batman has returned to Gotham City! In this extra-sized conclusion to Snyder and Capullo’s epic story ‘Superheavy,’ Bruce Wayne returns to the cape and cowl to battle Mr. Bloom alongside Jim Gordon for the fate of the city they both love.”

The solicit text for Superman #50 reads, “Superman returns in all his glory in this very special issue that sees the Man of Steel back to full power as he faces his greatest enemy and also comes face to face with the pre-Flashpoint Kal-El! At last, it’s the meeting of the Supermen you’ve been waiting for!”

Superman #50 cover by John Romita, Jr.
Superman #50 cover by John Romita, Jr.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the DC Universe lately, Batman and Superman were among several heroes who received major status quo changes as part of the “DC You” relaunch this past summer. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman built on the events of the “Endgame” storyline, with Bruce Wayne having no memory of his past and Jim Gordon taking over as an officially sanctioned, heavily armored Batman. Meanwhile, the various Superman comics have explored the fallout of Superman losing most of his powers and having his secret identity outed to the world. It’s not clear yet whether Superman’s identity will be restored along with his powers (a la Spider-Man’s Brand New Day storyline), or if he’ll continue to wrestle with being outed to the public.

Interestingly, the Superman #50 solicit also reveals that the Man of Steel will soon be meeting his counterpart from the pre-New 52 DC Universe. The pre-New 52 Superman returned in DC’s Convergence event and currently stars in the ongoing series Superman: Lois and Clark (not to be confused with the ’90s TV series). In this comic, Lois and Clark have crossed over into the New 52 and are trying to live lives of anonymity and raise their son while still using their abilities to help people.

Wonder Woman #50 cover by David Finch
Wonder Woman #50 cover by David Finch

It’s not surprising to see both heroes returning to a more traditional costume and status quo the same month that Batman v Superman hits theaters. Even Wonder Woman looks to be ditching her new costume and returning to an old favorite. Are Flash and Green Lantern next?

Be sure to check back later this week as we bring you DC’s full solicitations for March 2015.

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