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Times are tough for Superman. His powers have been reduced from “epic god” to “slightly more bulletproof than most people.” He just broke up with Wonder Woman. He got fired, for excellent reason, to boot. And now, he’s facing Vandal Savage, the guy who invented cannibalism. Hey, even the toughest among us have challenges.

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder, though, have greatly enjoyed taking Supes down a notch, even if this preview contains hints that era of Supes is ending. Since he’s been depowered and stripped of his secret identity, Superman has become surprisingly relatable. Even his relationship struggles and Luthor taunting him at work make a lot more sense now that he’s just a pretty cool guy who happens to have a bit more going on for him. It does mean he has to work harder to save the world, though. Much harder, if this preview is any indication.


DC Comics


DC Comics


DC Comics


DC Comics


DC Comics


DC Comics

And keep an eye out: DC’s variant theme this month is covers you can color on your own, so you too can discover just how hard coloring a comic book is for yourself!


DC Comics

To see how it all turns out, pick up Action Comics #48, on sale in comic book shops and digitally Wednesday.


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