Another DC Villain Rumored To Debut In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Yet another villain is now rumored to debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, setting up the character to return in Justice League: Part One. 

Possible, but unconfirmed, SPOILERS follow.

The rumor comes from the Latino Review, and claims that Superman’s mirror image enemy, Bizarro, will be introduced in Batman v. Superman, as a threat to the Justice League in future films. While this isn’t too far of a stretch, we even considered it as a possibility, it’ll be interesting if it actually happens.

Is Bizarro the much talked about “bigger threat” looming over Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? That seems unlikely. Bizarro is great and all, but a clone of Superman would have to feel like a lesser threat than Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman (in the comics), though the Bizarro is connected to Doomsday’s mythology by way of a Silver Age Superman story.

If Bizarro does show up, maybe he’ll be wearing blue boots.

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