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Batman and Superman are crashing “Wonder Woman” and “Grayson’s” covers next month, in anticipation for the “Batman v Superman” release on the 25th.

LOOK: Batman Superman Team Up in Two New “Batman v Superman”-Themed Variant Covers

Massimo Carnevale and Stephen Platt drew three variants each — which are being evenly distributed in polybags — as part of DC Comics’ “Batman v Superman” variant theme for March.

Check out the “Batman v Superman”-themed variant covers for “Grayson” #18 and “Wonder Woman” #50 — both going on sale March 23 — below:

GRAY Cv18 character color VarGRAY Cv18 Fade VarGRAY Cv18 FullColor VarWW Cv50 ColorCharacter Var1WW Cv50 Fade Var2WW Cv50 FullColor Var

Here’s a full rundown of the series getting “Batman v Superman” variants in March:

  • 3/2: Detective Comics #50 (variant by Rafael Grampa)
  • 3/9: Action Comics #50 (variant by Martin Ansin)
  • 3/9: Batman/Superman #30 (variant by Kevin Maguire)
  • 3/16: Robin Son of Batman #10 (variant by Ryan Ottley)
  • 3/16: Superman #50 (variant by Kaare Andrews)
  • 3/23: Batman #50 (variant by Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee)
  • 3/23: Grayson #18 (variant by Stephen Platt)
  • 3/23: Superman/Wonder Woman #27 (variant by Charlie Adlard)
  • 3/23: Wonder Woman #50 (variant by Massimo Carnevale)
  • 3/30: Batgirl #50 (variant by Kevin Nowlan)

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