Superman Finally Regains His Powers In the Latest Issue of Action Comics


Some pretty big changes are taking place in the DC universe preceding Rebirth.  

Fans were divided when they learned that Superman had lost many of his powers and that he would no longer possess a secret identity in May of last year, prior to the DC YOU event. There were a lot of shakeups going on in the DC universe then as well (such as Bruce Wayne dying and Jim Gordon taking on the role of Batman). Yet many saw Superman’s de-powerment as the final nail in the coffin for a character they’d begun to relate to and love less and less since the New 52 reboot in 2011. Now he’s back in his most recognizable form for the Rebirth event that promises to bring back everything fans love about the characters they love.

Superman’s back to flying and punching just as hard as ever. In Action Comics #50, Superman reached the climax in his showdown with Vandal Savage, who was revealed some time ago to be the cause of Kal-El’s power loss. As Savage sent Superman falling from an ever rising spaceship, Superman landed in his Fortress of Solitude (something Savage also took from him). Though he thought it would be his death, the Fortress opened at the final second, recognizing his DNA to be that of the Kryptonian Kal-El’s. The Fortress then helped Superman to undergo cellular regeneration, effectively restoring all of his powers.  

Of course, fans have known that #50 would mark the return of Superman’s powers from quite some time, but it is good to see that it finally happened. Big changes are coming for Batman too, as Batman #50 will mark Bruce Wayne’s return to the cape and cowl after a 10 month period away from them as well. It’ll be great to see both these heroes in the forms that everyone knows them for preceding the release of Batman v Superman, which hits theaters a mere day after the release of Batman #50.


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