Marvel Vs DC Comics: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Compared with ‘Batman V Superman,’ Which Is Better?

  • Marvel Vs DC Comics: Captain America: Civil War Compared with Batman V Superman, Which Is Better?
  • (Photo : Dashawn Johnson / YouTube) DC Comics and Marvel Comics are the best there is and when the two battle with each other, something really good comes out of it.

As per news reports, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Captain America: Civil War,” are based on disagreements between two powerful superheroes. In former, Batman (Ben Affleck) fights against Superman (Henry Cavill) and in the latter, Captain America (Chris Evans) fights Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr).

Not only are the two movies being compared for their somewhat similar storylines but also for graphics and fight sequence. However, the biggest competition between the two can be seen in their box office returns. “Captain America: Civil War” earned $181.8 million over the past weekend. With that number, “Captain America: Civil War” outdoes 2008 blockbuster, “Iron Man.” “Batman V Superman,” on the other hand, made $166.1 million on its opening weekend.

“Batman V Superman” earned $875 Million worldwide and $330 million in US alone. It is speculated that these figures can be easily surpassed by “Captain America: Civil War.”

“Batman V Superman” is perhaps one of the most exciting superhero movies out there that combined the power of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This movie created a lot of buzz as it appealed to the pop culture. However, it took a beating from the moviegoers, who believed that “Batman V Superman” story plot was a complete “mess” and over advertised, as compared to “Captain America: Civil War.”

According to Superhero moviegoers, “Captain America: Civil War” was considered a fun movie, full of wisecracks. Pop Culture fans obviously have lot of expectations from the two superhero movies as they are backed by reputed comic makers, DC and Marvel.


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