Batman and Superman clash in limited edition DC comic with meerkat twist


It was the superhero movie every DC comics fan had been waiting for, pitting two of the title’s most formidable characters against each other in battle.

But if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left you craving more action, DC Comics has brought the fierce rivalry to life once more in comic book form – but not quite how you’d expect.

To mark the release of the blockbuster movie starring Ben Affleck, DC entertainment have teamed up with to depict TV’s favourite meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei as the Dark Knight and Man of Steel.

Written by DC staple Tony Bedard and illustrated by artist Neal Adams, the 16-page comic book sees the meerkat heroes wreaking havoc in the streets of LA.

DC Comic book legend Neal Adams illustrates well known meerkats
TV’s best loved meerkats can be seen battling in the streets of LA

mitchell haddad
The 16 page comic book was illustrated by Neal Adams

DC Comic book legend Neal Adams illustrates well known meerkats
The DC Comic book is available to download today

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The first half of the two part comic book Meerkat Movies: A Heroic Journey is available to download from today at

The second part will be available from May 27, with fans able to win a limited number of copies online.


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