Superman’s "killer" takes on "Rebirth"

Superman is once again battling Doomsday in the pages of Action Comics, with art by Tyler Kirkham.
Superman is once again battling Doomsday in the pages of Action Comics, with art by Tyler Kirkham.

Dan Jurgens is perhaps most famous as the person who wrote and drew one of the biggest moments in the history of comic-books back in 1992, “The Death of Superman.” He is now writing the DC Comics series that gave birth to the superhero era: Action Comics, in DC’s new “Rebirth” era.

Jurgens takes the first word of that title quite seriously in terms of what he has planned for Superman. “I wanted to kick the series off with a high level of action and sense of mystery and adventure,” Jurgens told The Washington Post.

DC Comics’ “Rebirth” event, which has taken many comic-book titles back to their popular roots while putting an end to DC’s New 52 era, has given fans of Superman a nostalgic feeling.

The New 52 Superman, who debuted when DC Comics did a company wide reboot of their comic-books in 2011, has died. In his place is the Superman that generations grew up with and that Jurgens worked on for years, pre-New 52. That Superman is now the only Superman in the DC Comics universe. (There’s also someone other than this new Superman claiming to be Clark Kent to add a little mystery to all of the action.)

For Jurgens, it shows the unpredictability of the comic-book industry, to be once again working with a character he creatively impacted two decades ago.

“I don’t think there’s any way I ever could have looked this far down the road (back in the ’90s) and come up with an accurate glimpse of the industry and where we’d be,” Jurgens said. “I would say, however, that there are a number of truisms to Superman that will always endure. That’s true of most good, iconic characters and Superman probably embodies more of that than most. We’re doing our best to emphasize that.”

As Jurgens now writes Action Comics, he’s brought back a familiar foe: Doomsday. The monster that killed Superman back in the ’90s.

“We’re touching on a certain sense of feeling that those stories have while also adding plenty of new elements to the mix to make it feel fresh,” Jurgens said.


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