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It has been known that Superman died in the epic battle with Doomsday at the end of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” However, in the final scene of the movie, there is an indication that the man of steel will be alive.

Superman’s Black Suit

In fact, in the coming film “Justice League,” it is assumed that a new Superman is about to fight with the DC Comics superhero team. According to TIME, the role of Henry Cavill will sport a different look by wearing a new black costume. In fact, the 33-year-old star teased his outfit’s appearance in a post on his Instagram page.


A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on Aug 15, 2016 at 11:58am PDT

Henry Cavill captioned the snap with a simple hashtag of Superman indicating that the black embroidery belongs to the Last Son of Krypton. To recall, in DC’s “The Death and Return of Superman,” from the 1992 comic book storyline, it revealed that Superman, indeed, wore a black suit. Hence, it is believed that “Justice League” took the inspiration of creating a dark costume for Superman in the upcoming epic superhero film.

Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Sport Longer Mane

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide reported that Superman will have a new image in “Justice League” as he is about to ditch his iconic blue and red costume. Aside from the all-black suit in the DC Extended Universe film, Henry Cavill is also set to show a different kind of look with longer mane. As a matter of fact, there is an emerging fan art that shows his new appearance in “Justice League” on this Twitter snap. 

The photo revealed a heavily-bearded Henry Cavil with longer hair, glaring red eyes and wearing his new black Superman suit for “Justice League.” The film will still be directed by Zack Snyder and still includes his “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” co-stars, Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Fans will also see Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. “Justice League” is set to be released on Nov. 17, 2017.

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