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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Superman #6, in stores today.

Today’s issue of Superman from writers Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, with art by Gleason and Mick Gray, resolves the “Son of Superman” arc that kicked off the series with Superman: Rebirth #1 and establishes a new status quo for the Man of Steel…and his family.

In an issue that saw the return of a beloved supporting character thought dead, and the elevation of Superman as Metropolis’s #1 protector, probably the most important element takes place on the book’s final page.

Thats the reveal — complete with a stylish new logo — that Jonathan White/Smith/Kent has officially been named the DC Universe’s new Superboy.

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Jonathan Kent was first introduced in Convergence: Superman by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks, who took the infant into his preteen years in Superman: Lois and Clark, an 8-issue miniseries currently on sale in trade paperback. He made his first appearance in costume (but wasn’t explicitly named on the page) in Superman #2.

Due to the nature of Lois Clark, Jon did not know that his father was Superman until very recently. He is still — even in this issue — wrapping his head around the dishonesty that being a superhero sometimes demands.

For those not yet up to speed, the current Superman in the comics is from a different version of the DC Universe that ended when Flashpoint happened in 2011. For a time, the rebooted DCU had its own Superman, but he recently died, leaving behind mysteries as to the nature of both his and the old/new Superman’s relationship to the universe he inhabited.

The pre-Flashpoint Superman had previously been rebooted following a 1985 event story, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and ultimately married Lois Lane in 1997’s Superman: The Wedding Album. The pair remained married despite a number of minor continuity rewrites until the 2011 reboot. A 2015 series titled Convergence revealed that the post-Crisis, pre-Flashpoint Superman was alive, powered down, and living with a pregnant Lois in space (it makes sense in context, promise).

Besides his monthly supporting role in Superman and Action Comics, Jon Kent is expected to appear in Super-Sons, a new series also starring Batman’s son Damian Wayne (Robin), soon.

Introducing Jonathan to the Justice League was a big step: in the early issues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman visited Lois and Clark’s home and asked about the boy — something that made Jon paranoid of this world’s superheroes for at least part of the “Son of Superman” storyline.

Superman #6 is available at your local comic shop or on ComiXology today. You can check out preview pages from the issue in the image gallery attached.

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