DC Comics Geeks, Did You Spot This ‘Batman v Superman’ Easter Egg Hidden In Plain Sight?


Six months after Batman v Superman arrived in theaters, made all the money and sparked fierce debate over the directorial merits of Zack Snyder, there probably aren’t many easter eggs left to discover, but this might just be something new.

The movie opens with a retelling of the murders of Martha and Thomas Wayne outside a theater, a great scene filled with sumptuous slo-mo shots, like the pearls being ripped from Martha’s neck by the Waynes’ armed assailant, which lend extra emotional heft to Bruce’s tragedy.

Not again... (Warner Bros.)
Not again… (Warner Bros.)

The attack occurs as the Wayne family leave a theater advertizing screenings of Excalibur and The Mark of Zorro. At the time the Zorro screening was widely read as a nod to Zorro, created in 1919, being the first American superhero, or to a panel from Frank Miller’s seminal comic The Dark Knight Returns — but it seems Zack Snyder may have been inspired by a panel from the pages of a far more recent (and niche) DC Comic.

Check out the scene again below and see if anything springs to mind…

In DC’s Bombshells #1, an alt-universe story released last year but set in 1940, a gunman aims his weapon at the Waynes, but Batwoman swoops in and saves the day. It’s notable because the theater is screening Zorro, just like the one in Batman v Superman. Of course, the panel in Bombshells may have been a Dark Knight Returns easter egg itself, so it could be that Snyder was making multiple references and homages at once. Crucially though, Martha is wearing her trademark pearls.

For once, this had a happy ending. (DC Comics)
For once, this had a happy ending. (DC Comics)

As great as this scene was, here’s hoping Batman v Superman is the last DC media to revisit the murder of the Waynes for quite some time.

Are there any more secret easter eggs lurking within Batman v Superman?

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