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It’s been a weird time to be part of DC’s comics universe this past year, especially if your name was either Kal-El or Clark Kent. There’s been identity reveals, de-powerings, deaths, and even a brand new Superman… sort of. Confused about what’s been happening to the Man of Steel lately? We’re here to help.

We’ve been following Superman’s weird journey over the last year, but it’s still not done with its twists, even after the launch of DC’s Rebirth initiative. Now, not only is the New 52 Superman dead, but there’s already a new Superman (who’s actually the old Superman from before DC rebooted its universe in 2011) as well as some other dude claiming to be Clark Kent in the pages of Action Comics.

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Even with today’s Action Comics #964, we’re still not sure what’s up with the tale of two Clarks — but if you need to get up to speed, check out our video above running down just what’s up with the Man of Steel. Just try not to get too much of a headache.

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