How Supergirl’s Mysterious Pod Person Connects To The Comic Books


Lar Gand came across a young Clark Kent, then-Superboy, who wrongly assumed that he and the similarly powerful Lar Gand were brothers of the house of El, and that Lar Gand’s name should be Mon-El. It was only when Superboy discovered that Mon-El was unaffected by Krytonite that he realized they were different races of aliens. Unfortunately for Mon-El, he was affected by lead rather than Kryptonite, and Superboy accidentally exposed him to a lethal amount of the substance. Rather than letting the Daxamite die on Earth from lead poisoning, Superboy sent him into the Phantom Zone to endure throughout the ages. He was finally cured in the 30th century, and he joined the Legion of Super-Heroes while wearing the reverse colors of the traditional Superman suit.


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