One Of Superman’s Best Villains Is Finally Heading To Supergirl, Get The Details


Cyborg Superman was created by Dan Jurgens for the Adventures of Superman #500 comic in 1993. The character was first personified in the comics as Hank Henshaw, but this Hank was very different from the version of the character that we now know and love as the hiding-in-plain-sight Martian Manhunter. The comic version of Hank was a NASA astronaut who was exposed, along with his wife and the rest of their crew, to a solar flare that damaged their ship and everyone inside. The entire crew began to mutate, and, tragically, everyone except for Hank eventually committed suicide after returning to Earth. When Hank realizes that the solar flare was caused by Superman throwing a villain into the sun during a battle, it is, as they say, ON. He now blames Superman for the whole catastrophe (and, to be fair, it is kinda his fault), including the death of his wife, and decides to get revenge. After some scientific shenanigans involving Kryptonian tech, Hank manages to upload his consciousness into a body identical to Superman’s, albeit with some cybernetic parts. Cyborg Superman would go on to be a recurring villain for Superman, as well as Green Lantern.


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