Marvel Trolls Batman V Superman Again Using Deadpool 2 Character


One of the more memorable moment from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the moment when Batman had Superman pinned to the ground. Batman could have finished Superman off, but Superman mentioned his mother, Martha. It turns out Batman’s mother is also named Martha, and this shakes Batman to the point that he relents long enough for them to get on the same page and turn their attention towards Lex Luthor and the threat of Doomsday.

Whether this scene was brilliant or baffling depends on which group of fans you ask, but it certainly seems to have stuck in the craw of some of the writers at Marvel Comics. Back in June, Marvel Comics published Spider-Man/Deadpool #6. The one-shot fill-in issue was drawn by Reilly Brown and written by Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang! Bang! The issue’s story saw Deadpool and Spider-Man visiting Hollywood, and included a parody of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the form of a movie poster for a Nighthawk v. Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom, with a tagline reading, “You won’t believe their mothers share a first name.”

Now Marvel Comics is back at it again in Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, released last week. The issue features a backup story written and drawn by Anthony Piper. The story stars Domino, the mutant mercenary with the gift of good luck, which – as she explains in the story – is actually a kind of subconscious telekinesis she can’t control.

In the story, Domino is contacted by Sunspot, her former X-Force teammate. Sunspot is now the head of Avengers Idea Mechanics and the New Avengers but needs Domino to do a job for him in secret. Domino is tasked with infiltrating a heavily guarded military compound in order to assassinate a South American military man who has been hunting down mutants.

Domino accepts and sets about clearing the compound of guards on the way to finding her target. She sneaks up on a pair of them having a rather curious conversation. The first guard tells the second about someone he was about the kill until the victim started shouting the name “Martha.” The second guard notes that Martha is the name of the first guard’s mother. It turns out the victim’s mother’s name was also Martha. The coincidence managed to convince the first guard that he just couldn’t kill this would-be victim after all.

And then Domino shows up and kills both guards before they even know she’s there. You can see the two-panel sequence below.

Did Marvel just literally fire shots at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in one of its stories? There’s always been a rivalry between the “House of Ideas” and the “Distinguished Competition,” and it seems like Marvel is having a good time casting shadows over DC Films’ cinematic ventures.

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